Beris Zanetich

Senior Creative/Copywriter

Beris Zanetich

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I have no regrets.

Since turning my back on our nation's youth and vowing to never step into another classroom, I've become the willing stooge for all kinds of money-making and society-shaping organisations, and a shameless contributor to their efforts at disarming minds, building brands and selling wares.

My not-insubstantial ad industry experience (originally as an over-zealous suit but since 2001 as a generally well regarded TTL copywriter) is complemented by a creative philosophy that insists originality, truth, risk, and judicious amounts of entertainment are the keys to creating campaigns that will get into people's heads, and wallets.

I've worked all over Sydney, predominantly (but not exclusively) with the city's better agencies including OgilvyOne, Saatchi & Saatchi, Droga5, The Monkeys, M&C Saatchi/Mark, Integer/TBWA, BWM, Clemenger, Orchard, Lavender, Geometry and Grey.

Now if, after reading all this, reviewing my work samples and downloading my CV, your gut's telling you I just might be the kind of senior creative you're in need of, then get in touch. What's the worst that could happen? And if you're still umming and ahhing, you can find a little more about me at


Finalist (Best Digital Advertising or Communication), AIMIA
Finalist (Direct Mail Flat 10,001-100,000), Caples
Finalist (Effectiveness), ADMA
Bronze (Creativity in Standard Direct Mail), ADMA
Bronze (Direct Marketing), ACE B2B
Silver (Self-Promotion), ACE B2B
Bronze (Most Effective Use of DM), Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards
Silver (Effectiveness), ADMA
Finalist, Caples
Finalist, DMA Echo