Beris Zanetich

Senior Creative/Copywriter

Beris Zanetich

Amex – Centurion Invitation

You can’t apply for a Centurion card – the most exclusive, most desirable, most high-status card on the planet. Amex have to invite you. If they deem you worthy. And you can afford the $10,000 annual fee.
So what’s the best way to let a group of high-flyers know they were finally Centurion material? We warmed them up with some subtle flattery, then blew their minds with an individually-numbered invitation laser-etched onto a piece of titanium. The fulfilment pack was pretty spesh too. The only problem? More invitees than expected said yes, so we had to print up a second run of packs, pronto.

  • For OgilvyOne

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