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Senior Creative/Copywriter

Beris Zanetich

Diageo – See your brands in a new light

Grey/G2 in Sydney wanted to demonstrate to Diageo’s Head of Marketing, John Green, that the agency had the ability to present Diageo’s iconic spirit brands in a brand new light.
So we drove around collecting empty bottles of Smirnoff, Tanqueray, Johnnie Walker, Baileys and Bundy, smashed them up, melted them down, and transformed them into a one-off, hand-crafted glass table lamp specifically for Mr Green. We then boxed it up and sent it to him with a handwritten password and personalised url:
He went online, heard our pitch, learned how his new lamp came to be, and took the meeting. But alas, the suits blew it and we didn’t end up landing Diageo as a new client : (

The one-off lamp we created just for Diageo’s Marketing Director

The lamp was delivered with a letter that included a password to a secret website:

The first screen after logging in, explaining our actions and intentions

A personalised video message from our MD

More back-story content to prove the lamp’s unique journey to the recipient, John Green

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